The power of love

Sudden discoveries

I’m a very sociable person, but I’ve never been lucky in love. All my life, I’ve dreamed of meeting my one and only, but I couldn’t imagine anyone I knew by my side. I dated different men, but there was no sparkle between us. I started thinking that something was wrong with me, when I finally met Him. After a very short time, I realized John is my soul mate. When we’re together, it’s like in the movies!

One night, we were having a walk in the park when it suddenly started raining. I said we’d better hurry home, but John just grasped me in his arms and carried me over the puddles, under the pouring rain, and all we had over our heads was an old umbrella that didn’t save us from getting soaked anyway. It was so romantic, one of the best memories in my life. I always regretted we had no camera with us to take a few pics that night. But, as it turned out, those pics had already been taken – long before we had that date. And now one of them hangs on my wall!

Romance on the canvas

You know how the internet works. You pop in for a sec to look something up – and end up googling all over the web, finding yourself on sites you never intended to visit. That’s exactly what happened to me the day I found out about Leonid Afremov. He is an amazing artist who creates beautiful paintings on canvas, like here. It’s hard to explain what thrills me so much about his works. But I’ll try:


  1. The colors are so bright and vivid! They seem to be glowing and you can almost feel their warmth. When you look outside the window and see a grey day, you need something that will raise your mood.
  2. Mr. Afremov’s style is unique and easily recognizable. You won’t mistake it for anyone else’s. Everything is large and colorful, there are plenty of lights and, although the setting is always the same – a quiet autumn park, a rainy street or a couple of lovers in the alley – each painting is different.
  3. I was totally conquered by the amazing aura of his works. They are so irresistibly romantic and joyful! Each time I look at the painting on my wall, I get a positive vibe that helps me survive through the day.


Finally, Leonid sells his paintings on canvas online and that’s how I bought ‘Misty Mood.’ It reminds me of John, our perfect date and our perfect feelings. I hope there will be more moments like this in my life!


For money and fame

What do you think about when you start a new project? Do you imagine your future success or have a panic attack? I guess you should be ready for any outcome, good or bad, but think positively. When I feel lost and scared before an important event, I remember this person, and tell myself I can do anything. He used to be a usual student when he created Facebook, a social network that became popular all over the world. So whenever I’m having second thoughts about my plans and dreams, I ask myself: would Mark be famous now if he gave up because of a few minor setbacks? Definitely not! I was a bit afraid to start training my girls, but then I understood it was a perfect chance for me. Firstly, I’ve always loved kids, and I get along very well with them. Secondly, I wanted to change my life, and that was the exact opposite of my office routine. So many good things happened to me when I didn’t expect it! People tend to worry too much and most of the times those worries have little to do with real life. I won’t to wish you all: don’t let your fears take over you and never lost faith in yourself! Otherwise your chances to become one of “those luckies” are pretty scarce.

Inside The F8 Facebook Developers Conference

Hello everyone!

Это цитата для вашей первой записи.

My name is Jane, and I adore dancing! I used to be a common office worker, and only danced three days a week in the gym. But then I realized I can do better than that! I opened a new page in my life, and now instead of learning to dance I teach dancing 🙂 I train kids from 6 to 10. And you know what, they teach me, too. I like to do something interesting with them, so I often invite them in non-training hours, and we have fun together. It’s a great pleasure to see their sparkling eyes when we take a rollercoaster ride or try to whip up dancing costumes for the upcoming performance. I love my girls, and I can’t wait to have my own kids. I want a really big family! What about you?